Adoptable Hounds

These greyhounds are all looking for their forever homes. Greyhounds in foster homes are available for adoption – they just have a head start on getting ready for their permanent homes! Please be sure to mention if you are interested in a specific hound on question 28 of the adoption application.

We’re always bringing new hounds into our adoption program who are looking for their forever homes, so check back often.

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We have 13 greyhounds.
AMF Hydro Hunter (Blue)

AMF Hydro Hunter

Male • Adult
Not Cat Safe

Blue, despite his name, is a red brindle. He has a gorgeous marbled face and amber eyes, with 4 white feet. His tail is shaped liked a curly-q and it goes up to express his happiness. He has a small...
AT's Copper (Copper)

AT's Copper

Female • Adult

Copper is a red girl who has a black tail with a white tip, and a white tuxedo. She has a lot of sable coloring on her chest and multi-color black nails. Her ears are definitely not in communication with...
AT's Steel (Steel)

AT's Steel

Male • Adult

Steel has a very cute face with black eyebrows and eyeliner. He seems to be a Velcro boy! His lovely coat is red with platinum highlights. His tail looks like it is braided with brindle! Steel is mostly good on...
Ali's Wistful (Ali)

Ali's Wistful

Female • Adult

Ali is a lovely red sable girl with a white blaze on face, Estee Lauder eyeliner and a five o'clock shadow too. She also has a sable tail to match with her ears. We call her ears envelope ears, because...
Centex Pixel (Pixel)

Centex Pixel

Female • Adult

Pixel is a pretty red brindle with black eyeliner and eyebrows and a cute white tipped tail. ALERT... she is a tiny girl with a BIG personality! She is also a kisser! While she is not bad on leash, she...
Hogs High Cotton (Cotton)

Hogs High Cotton

Female • Adult

Cotton is an adorable little black girl with white on her feet. She has the most darling overbite and a tiny Roman nose. Her ears go in a variety of directions! Everything about this little girl is cute, and we...
JT's Fist Full (Fitz)

JT's Fist Full

Male • Adult

Fitz is an absolute gem with a diamond in the middle of his back and a kiss spot on top of his head. He has a big black saddle on his back, and he has lots of ticking. This handsome...
Kiowa Hi Heidi

Kiowa Hi Heidi

Female • Adult

Heidi was somewhat submissive and nervous during her evaluation and seemed to be happier when she was near another hound. She will need some time and patience to come out of her shell. Available for adoption through Greyhounds Only, Inc.,...
LK's Crazy Eight (Ace)

LK's Crazy Eight

Male • Adult

Ace is a very handsome Black and White boy with 3 white legs and one black one. He might make a good therapy dog because he is handler responsive, affectionate, calm and really likes people. Ace also likes other greyhounds...
PJ Gotta Be Free (Free)

PJ Gotta Be Free

Male • Adult

Free is a dark brindle boy with a black face. He's very young! He was pretty timid and shy during his evaluation. Free wasn't afraid of anything, he just took some extra time to check everything out. He didn't have...
Rumble Strip (Rumble)

Rumble Strip

Male • Adult

Rumble looks like a German Shorthair Pointer in a Greyhound body color wise. He is heavily brown ticked with lots of spots and really is cute and sweet. Don't let his name fool you, he does not want to rumble,...
T Bacon Episode (Bacon)

T Bacon Episode

Female • Adult

Bacon is a black and white cow girl with lots of freckles. She slightly resembles a German shorthaired pointer (color wise) AND the funny thing is she retrieves like a Pointer too!! She appears to have no starch in her...
Tony Dow (Tony)

Tony Dow

Male • Adult

Tony is simply a gentle giant. He is a big fellow, but very quiet, and walks nicely on the leash. He has a beautiful fawn coat, with a 5 o'clock shadow on his face and a white tipped tail. He...
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