Adoptable Hounds

These greyhounds are all looking for their forever homes. Greyhounds in foster homes are available for adoption – they just have a head start on getting ready for their permanent homes! Please be sure to mention if you are interested in a specific hound on question 28 of the adoption application.

We’re always bringing new hounds into our adoption program who are looking for their forever homes, so check back often.

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We have 19 greyhounds.
AJN Double Down (Double)

AJN Double Down

Male • Adult

Double is a handsome brindle and white boy. He has the slightest Roman Nose which is completely irresistible. His brindling on his side looks like a heart and his feathered tail is very beautiful too! Double walks well on leash....
AJN Roman Reigns (Roman)

AJN Roman Reigns

Male • Adult

Roman is a strikingly gorgeous brindle and white boy. His ears are completely awesome. They stand up straight and then flop over at the top. So cute! He is curious, but bit cautious which is likely to disappear with exposure...
All Day (Daisy)

All Day

Female • Adult

Daisy is a very curious young lady. She is just a little thing at 55 lbs., perfect for the person(s) who prefer a smaller Greyhound. She has a gorgeous white and brindle coat with one brindle leg. We think that...
Atascocita Bongo (Bongo)

Atascocita Bongo

Male • Young

Bongo is an unusual ash blond boy! He has great active ears and a sweet demeanor. He is a very handsome greyhound who is good on leash and makes great eye contact. He likes people but given the opportunity wanted...
Bostonstrongbay (Boston)


Female • Adult
Not Cat Safe

Boston is all black with a bit of white on the backside of her feet, and a very soft coat. Her adopter will want to pet her all day long. She is happy outside, but she will need some leash...
Braska T Bone (TBone)

Braska T Bone

Male • Young

He is a stunningly beautiful black boy with a white tuxedo, a white tipped tail and half black and half white legs. He is tall, dark and handsome. He is good on leash and loves attention. He is handler responsive...
GV Queens Quest (Queenie)

GV Queens Quest

Female • Adult
Not Cat Safe

We think someone forgot to starch Queenie's ears because they go every which way! She is a beautiful white and black spotted cow dog. This little girl has plenty of time to learn how to be a perfect pet because...
HL's Alek (Alek)

HL's Alek

Male • Adult
Not Cat Safe

Alek is a fashion-forward fellow who has embraced the new dots and stripes trend. He's all neutral white with barely-there ticking and he has one brindle striped ear and one polka dotted ear. He really likes toys and tried to...
KB's Under Cover (Brotha)

KB's Under Cover

Male • Adult
Not Cat Safe

Brotha is a happy energetic boy who gives kisses, loves toys and shoulder rubs, and comes when called. He is confident and sure of himself and doesn't react to sudden loud noises or movements. He needs a little work with...
Kiowa Hi Heidi

Kiowa Hi Heidi

Female • Adult

Heidi was somewhat submissive and nervous during her evaluation and seemed to be happier when she was near another hound. She will need some time and patience to come out of her shell. Available for adoption through Greyhounds Only, Inc.,...
Leo (Leo)


Male • Young

This boy is a red fawn with platinum tips to his fur and he is absolutely gorgeous! He has Estee Lauder eyeliner and a fish hook tail. He is brother to Lamar who is just as good looking. They are...
MPJ Shutthedoor (Windy)

MPJ Shutthedoor

Female • Adult
Not Cat Safe

Windy is a unique greyhound in our group because she has never raced! She is a bit cautious, but her ears perked up outside and she appeared curious about the world around her. She is white with adorable big black...
Our Last Dance (Dancer)

Our Last Dance

Male • Adult
Not Cat Safe

Dancer is a very fun boy in a small brindle package! He has so many stripes it's hard to imagine they all fit on his coat! He jumps and twirls on a leash, and he's very energetic. Dancer barked at...
PJ Bet Big (Jet)

PJ Bet Big

Male • Adult
Not Cat Safe

Jet is a very handsome black hound with a tiny tuxedo marking. His ears stick straight up in the air when he's alert. He went crazy over the toys, and he had trouble giving them up. Jet will need a...
PJ Gotta Be Free (Free)

PJ Gotta Be Free

Male • Adult

Free is a dark brindle boy with a black face. He's very young! He was pretty timid and shy during his evaluation. Free wasn't afraid of anything, he just took some extra time to check everything out. He didn't have...
PJ Leathersosoft (Sophie)

PJ Leathersosoft

Female • Adult

Sophie is a darling white and black girl with five black polka dots that are aesthetically arranged on her body and lots of black ticking too. She walks well on a leash. This busy girl is confident and curious. She...
Pat C Valence (Val)

Pat C Valence

Female • Adult

Val is a darling black girl with 4 white hairs on the tip of her tail and a teeny-weeny white tuxedo. She is an expert at the greyhound lean, likes other greyhounds and enjoys being outside. She is happy, confident...
Pipe Down Melisa (Melissa)

Pipe Down Melisa

Female • Young

She is an adorable brindle with 4 white paws, a tiny white tuxedo, and matching white tip on her tail. She has a black face with the slightest Roman nose. She is sneaky wagger, but we think once she gains...
Sheza Novelty (Lottie)

Sheza Novelty

Female • Adult

Lottie is a beautiful black girl with white trim on her lovely figure and 2 white paws. She has a monogram for her name Lottie on her chest. Her white tuxedo looks like 2 L's back to back. She is...
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