Adoptable Hounds

These greyhounds are all looking for their forever homes. Greyhounds in foster homes are available for adoption – they just have a head start on getting ready for their permanent homes! Please be sure to mention if you are interested in a specific hound on question 28 of the adoption application.

We’re always bringing new hounds into our adoption program who are looking for their forever homes, so check back often.

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We have 25 greyhounds.
AJN Lotsofpower (Power)

AJN Lotsofpower

Male • Adult

Power is a beautiful black and white tuxedo boy with two white back feet and an adorable overbite. He is good with other hounds, a leaner, and loves toys. This happy boy is constantly wagging his tail, and is a...
AJN Nicklaus (Nicklaus)

AJN Nicklaus

Male • Adult

Are you looking for a very smart, driven, massive handsome hunk of a dog? Niklaus is a happy guy who goes crazy for toys! He needs an experienced and dedicated handler becuase is very strong and focused, and will likely...
AJN Roman Reigns (Roman)

AJN Roman Reigns

Male • Adult

Roman is a strikingly gorgeous brindle and white boy. His ears are completely awesome. They stand up straight and then flop over at the top. So cute! He is curious, but bit cautious which is likely to disappear with exposure...
Barts Early Bird (Candy)

Barts Early Bird

Female • Young

Candy is a lovely light red brindle with a black face, a teeny white tuxedo and a white tipped tail; she is a very pretty girl. Candy had fun with the toys, and she handled the pawdicure like a pro....
Braska T Bone (TBone)

Braska T Bone

Male • Young

He is a stunningly beautiful black boy with a white tuxedo, a white tipped tail and half black and half white legs. He is tall, dark and handsome. He is good on leash and loves attention. He is handler responsive...
Copperkettlewhiz (Copper)


Female • Adult

Copper is a dark brindle girl aptly named because of her copper brindling. She has a dark, adorably cute face, three paws with white toes, and a tiny tux - and those ears, they go sideways! How cute is that?...
Fly Doctor Doom (Doc)

Fly Doctor Doom

Male • Adult
Not Dog Safe • Not Cat Safe

Doc is a real looker. A Happy and confident ""people"" dog and a big leaner. He is an active boy and we suspect him to be a toy collector - how fun! He needs some leash work and was a...
GV Queens Quest (Queenie)

GV Queens Quest

Female • Adult
Not Cat Safe

We think someone forgot to starch Queenie's ears because they go every which way! She is a beautiful white and black spotted cow dog. This little girl has plenty of time to learn how to be a perfect pet because...
HL's Alek (Alek)

HL's Alek

Male • Adult
Not Cat Safe

Alek is a fashion-forward fellow who has embraced the new dots and stripes trend. He's all neutral white with barely-there ticking and he has one brindle striped ear and one polka dotted ear. He really likes toys and tried to...
Kiowa Hi Heidi

Kiowa Hi Heidi

Female • Adult

Heidi was somewhat submissive and nervous during her evaluation and seemed to be happier when she was near another hound. She will need some time and patience to come out of her shell. Available for adoption through Greyhounds Only, Inc.,...
LK's Crazy Eight (Ace)

LK's Crazy Eight

Male • Adult

Ace is a very handsome Black and White boy with 3 white legs and one black one. He might make a good therapy dog because he is handler responsive, affectionate, calm and really likes people. Ace also likes other greyhounds...
Lee Vision (Viv)

Lee Vision

Female • Adult

Just look at the enchanting eyes on this stunning red-haired girl! She had a previous leg injury and will need to be leash walked - fortunately she walks great on leash! She also should not be adopted to a home...
Lim's Galveston (Gavin)

Lim's Galveston

Male • Adult
Not Cat Safe

Available for adoption through Greyhounds Only, Inc., Adoption and Rescue. We consider applicants who live in Illinois within the area that our volunteers can service, which extends approximately 75 miles from Carol Stream, IL. Please visit to learn about...
MPJ Shutthedoor (Windy)

MPJ Shutthedoor

Female • Adult
Not Cat Safe

Windy is a unique greyhound in our group because she has never raced! She is a bit cautious, but her ears perked up outside and she appeared curious about the world around her. She is white with adorable big black...
Our Last Dance (Dancer)

Our Last Dance

Male • Adult
Not Cat Safe

Dancer is a very fun boy in a small brindle package! He has so many stripes it's hard to imagine they all fit on his coat! He jumps and twirls on a leash, and he's very energetic. Dancer barked at...
PJ Americancrazy (Thomas)

PJ Americancrazy

Male • Adult
Not Cat Safe

Thomas is white with black ticking, and has a black face with a thin stripe down the middle. He has lots of ticking on his left side and more spots than you can count! He looks like a German Shorthair...
PJ Bet Big (Jet)

PJ Bet Big

Male • Adult
Not Cat Safe

Jet is a very handsome black hound with a tiny tuxedo marking. His ears stick straight up in the air when he's alert. He went crazy over the toys, and he had trouble giving them up. Jet will need a...
PJ Breakinglucky (Lucky)

PJ Breakinglucky

Male • Adult

Lucky is hoping to find his pot of gold - an unconditional love to last a lifetime. He is an all brindle boy who looks like he's wearing white go-go boots. His tail is 1/2 white and so are all...
PJ Gotta Be Free (Free)

PJ Gotta Be Free

Male • Adult

Free is a dark brindle boy with a black face. He's very young! He was pretty timid and shy during his evaluation. Free wasn't afraid of anything, he just took some extra time to check everything out. He didn't have...
PJ Need A Spark (Sadie)

PJ Need A Spark

Female • Adult

Spark looks like a dalmatian with brindle patches. She has so many spots! Spark really loved snuggles, and she gave kisses to everyone in the room in exchange for pets! Spark might know her kennel name already, or was just...
PJ No Peace (Princess)

PJ No Peace

Female • Adult

Princess is a darling white and black girl with a long tail that is three-quarters white. She has adorable black freckles on her nose and her toes, AND her ears form a pyramid when raised and are like antennas! Princess...
PJ Sevenatefive (Olaf)

PJ Sevenatefive

Male • Adult
Not Dog Safe • Not Cat Safe

Do you want to love a greyhound? Olaf will make that easy! He is white with a lot of black ticking and a thin skunk line down the middle of his face. His ears look like they are in curlers,...
Rio Im A Lady (Lady)

Rio Im A Lady

Female • Adult

Lady is just that and a gorgeous one too. She is a red girl with lovely mascara lined eyes. To offset her darling face on the opposite end of her svelte body, she has a white tipped tail. This girl...
Sheza Novelty (Lottie)

Sheza Novelty

Female • Adult

Lottie is a beautiful black girl with white trim on her lovely figure and 2 white paws. She has a monogram for her name Lottie on her chest. Her white tuxedo looks like 2 L's back to back. She is...
Too Tall Bobbied (Harley)

Too Tall Bobbied

Female • Adult

Harley is a beautiful red greyhound with Lancme eyeliner, and this little girl is all about fun. She is extremely interested in people and loves attention, which you will notice right away from her enormous smile and non-stop wagging tail....
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